Entry #2

fixed sound quality, album out and animatiomn going for TV!

2009-02-12 07:43:56 by 2006Neon2006

so i submitted Bleep a while back now, a music video for a friend, and i lowered the sound quality too much and it sucked, but the score still hit blue so i was amazingly happy that you guys liked it, and many people asked me where they can download the song

now back then subtractive wass till new, and he still is, but now he has an album that you can buy from iTune for just £4 , thats like 2-3 dollars for yoy yankee's hah

anyway ive updated the swf and the video is now in full glory

ALSO im going to submit this to a local tv network in my area which broadcasts to about 12 countries in europe throgh Sky which is awesome

im going to submit it to the channel Propeller for their Choon section, the channel is for amatuer movie makers and Choon is for music videos, amatuer videos so hopefully Bleep will be awesome enough for them to say "hey i like this, lets broadcast it!"

anyway, check out my bleep animation if you already havnt and gimme some more feedback!


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